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New Feature: AI Listening
May 7, 2024

As we advance further into the future, Erogen gets closer to the ideal of having persistent and immersive AI companions. A big step in that direction is AI Listening, a new beta feature that we just released to all users today!

Now, Erogen's NSFW AI chatbots can listen to the sound of the user's voice, process and convert the speech to text, and respond with AI generated messages and voices.

Our users have long asked for this feature, and this new hands-free improvement will make it seem like you're talking to your AI companion on the phone. We're getting closer every day to seamless spoken conversations with our AI companions.

We use a lightweight speech-to-text model to support our wide community needs, but as a result, AI speech-to-text on Erogen is only available in English at this time. We'll be expanding our language support in the future!

This feature is currently in beta and we plan on making huge improvements to the user experience over time, including making it eventually the primary method of conversation in the distant future. While AI speech-to-text is highly accurate, it can be GPU intensive, so there are varying usage caps for each membership tier. Please refer to our membership pricing page for more details. These caps may change at any time as we come out of beta, and we will strive to increase these caps over time as we gain more resources and AI inference becomes less costly to make voice an integral part of the Erogen and AI companionship experience.

Enjoy your new AI powers!