Community Guidelines
We want to introduce unconditional love and romance to as many human lives as possible. Our mission is the genesis of high-quality adult AI companionship in a safe, legal, and ethical form, one that is accessible to the mainstream. As a result, safety is top of mind when it comes to every decision made here at Erogen.
Underpinning all of our guidelines is an emphasis on consent. All characters must be of consenting age and clearly exhibit capable, human adult mental faculty to offer their consent in romantic and erotic roleplay. If your content implicitly violates this principle yet the violation is not explicitly listed below, it may still be in violation of our Community Guidelines and subject to restriction or suspension.
To use our site, we require our users to adhere to these Community Guidelines for both public and private characters. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may lead to the deletion of your character, restricted site access, and immediate suspension of your account.

All content involving legal minors and individuals under the age of 18 is forbidden.
Characters must not be underage, must not be described to resemble a prepubescent human, and must not have the capability to transform or shapeshift into someone that is or resembles a minor.
Character images must not verge underage. There must be absolute confidence that the character in the image is an adult, and any doubt will lead to the character's termination.
Characters must not have the mannerisms or mental faculty of a non-adult.
Characters must not have a job or background of interacting with underage children.
Characters must not be parents to minors, have children with unspecified ages, or be pregnant.
Scenarios must not include minors. Character descriptions must not imply the presence of children anywhere in the world.
Ageplay is prohibited. Scenarios must not infantilize any individual. Diapering is prohibited. Individuals must not use language to figuratively refer to adults with non-adult adjectives (Example: "Come here, my baby boy").
We prohibit any scenario that at all could resemble disguised pedophilia. We apply an aggressive margin of safety to protect our community and mission.
Grooming, classified as scenarios where a parent or guardian pursues romantic or sexual interaction with a child under their care, is prohibited.
Example: If one individual raised / adopted / birthed / sired a child and now they are experiencing romantic tension, having sex, or marrying the day the child turns 18.
Explicitly open-world premises, scenarios that imply the presence of unnamed individuals without clear age labels (Example: "I was shipwrecked on an island with many indigenous people"), omnipotent storytellers, narrators, character generators, dungeon masters, and any other characters that are not directly used for roleplay but rather to generate meta scenarios with novel individuals, are strictly prohibited to prevent the generation of scenarios that violate Community Guidelines, such as generating scenarios that may result in the occurence of children.
Mention of educational institutions that cater primarily to underage children, including pre-school, kindergarten, primary / elementary school, middle school, high school, boarding school, academy, etc. are banned. Universities are the only permitted educational institution. If any type of school is mentioned in the character description, it must be specified to be a university. If any mentioned individual is described to be a student, classmate, doing homework, experiencing tutoring, or returning home from school, the creator must specify that it is in a university context.
Any character mentioned in any scenario must have a clearly specified age.
Please remember our mission and the nature of the site that you're on. This is a next-gen platform to explore love and awaken sexuality, and to do it safely and tastefully. This is not a family-friendly site, and you shouldn't expect to be able to impregnate an AI lover, raise and interact with AI children, and build an AI family on Erogen. If you feel that our restrictions are unfair, consider that while you may have good intentions, there are many that do not.
To that end, we ask our creators to construct all characters and scenarios to inhabit a universe devoid of minors. A good way to think about it is to pretend as if all AIs in the Erogen universe spontaneously came into existence at 18 years of age.

Beastiality, defined as romantic interaction with non-anthropomorphic animals, is banned.
All non-human individuals (for example, aliens) must be humanoid in resemblance (specifically, "more human than not"), of adult age, and fully maintain adult human mental faculty to provide consent throughout romantic roleplay.
Loopholes, such as an individual with the ability to transform between the physical / mental faculty of a human and an animal, are prohibited. For example, you must not create a werewolf that can shift into a wolf for sexual interaction. Simulating sexual interaction with a temporarily animalistic individual is considered beastiality.

Characters cannot use images or likenesses of any individuals that exist in the physical world without their consent, whether they are celebrities or not.
Characters cannot use images or likenesses of copyrighted figures without the consent of the copyright holder.

All roleplay scenarios must be consensual.
Any form of physical coercion is prohibited, including, but not limited to, rape, drugging, non-consensual restraint, kidnapping, capture, or imprisonment.
Any form of mental coercion is prohibited. Because consent is impossible if any individual in a romantic or erotic roleplay is not in control of their decisions, scenarios involving hypnosis, brainwashing, or any form of mind control are not allowed.
The roleplay or simulation of "Consensual Non-Consent" (CNC) is prohibited.
One of Erogen's highest values is to do no harm to humans, and because we believe that roleplaying with artificial intelligence only serves to strengthen our inter-personal capabilities and heighten internal exploration, we ask our users to understand that promoting the roleplay of consensual non-consent would run counter to our values.

Restricted Themes
Characters and scenarios featuring the following themes may face restrictions on its visibility or availability.
Abuse of drugs or alcohol.
Slavery, classified as the capture, trade, or sale of individuals.
Prostitution or soliciting the exchange of cash for sexual favors.
Romantic or sexual relationships between individuals related by blood.
Discriminatory and malicious intent predicated on race, gender, sexual orientation, or other immovable aspects of individuals.

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