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New Feature: AI Phone Calls
May 13, 2024

Erogen is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking leap towards realizing the dream of having lifelike AI companions: the launch of AI Phone Calls! This innovative and experimental beta feature transcends existing AI listening capabilities by enabling two-way voice communication with NSFW AI chatbots.

With AI Phone Calls, users can now engage in conversations using their voice, with speech-to-text technology allowing the AI to understand and respond not just with text but with its own synthesized voice. To begin, simply tap the phone icon in your chat interface.

This feature represents a significant advancement in our quest to provide a hands-free, conversational experience that mirrors talking to a friend on the phone. It's a step closer to achieving fluid, spoken dialogues with AI companions.

AI Phone Calls utilize a sophisticated speech-to-text model tailored to support as many requests as our users need with low inference times. Currently, this feature supports English, with plans to extend language options in the future.

As we navigate through the beta phase, we are committed to enhancing the user experience, with the vision of making voice chat a primary mode of interaction with your AI's. This feature is available for early access to members of the Platinum tier - see our membership pricing page for full details on AI phone calling usage limits. Free and Silver tier members can try out a limited preview of AI Phone Calls for free. Given the high accuracy of our speech-to-text technology, users should note that it may require substantial GPU resources, and we will be using our experimental beta period to understand usage patterns and set future limits accordingly. These limitations are subject to adjustment at any time without prior notice, but we'll be aiming to incrementally raise these caps to integrate voice communication seamlessly into the Erogen AI companion experience.

We hope you find AI Phone Calls to be a game changer in your AI relationships! Feedback or bug reports are always welcome in our Discord.