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Announcing Rewards for Creators: Heartbeats!
March 27, 2024

We're excited to announce our first reward for our intrepid AI chatbot creators!

Introducing Erogen Heartbeats!

Heartbeats can be earned by creating characters that other users engage with! The Erogen system will automatically award heartbeats to creators for every several hundred messages that each chatbot of theirs sends or receives.

In addition, Creators can earn heartbeats if the first character that new site visitors interact with is theirs, as well as when any new user that discovers Erogen through the Creator's Referral Link sends or receives 25 messages!

Creator Referral Links can be found in Rewards under account settings.

Heartbeats will be particularly useful to users of the site on the Free tier. Once earned, these Heartbeats can be used for extra chat messages after the user has used all the messages allotted them in their tier, as well as for upcoming features like phone call minutes, etc. We'll be expanding Heartbeat use cases over time.

The amount of Heartbeats earned per threshold and used per perk is subject to change at any time. Rewards can only be earned through interactions from non-creator accounts, may not be transferred, and have no monetary value.

We've also made an abundance of other improvements to the website, like a new AI Energy Bar in the user's chat that displays how many messages a user has left, and an updated Membership dashboard so that users and subscribers can see all the details of their subscribed plan.