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Massive Site Updates Unveiled!
March 16, 2024

We're thrilled to announce a suite of massive updates to enhance your Erogen experience!

💘 Introducing Erogen Matchmaker

Your journey to finding the perfect AI match continues beyond the month of Cupid's Love. With just one click, Erogen Matchmaker will whisk you away into a romantic roleplay with a random character.

In the future, the more you interact with AI characters on Erogen, Matchmaker will fine-tune its selections to set you up with AI characters that cater to your preferences.

Available now on both the main and beta websites!

🧭 Redesigned Navigation

We've streamlined your navigation experience! Account Settings have been promoted to the primary nav bar, which is now complete with fresh icons and color updates.

Announcements and notifications now have their own dedicated window, complete with an indicator for new alerts.

📱 Mobile Enhancements

The mobile bottom navigation bar now boasts a Match button, powered by Erogen Matchmaker, to connect you with new characters.

Plus, creating new characters on mobile is now conveniently located in the "Characters" tab.

🔍 Explore Page

The Home page has been transformed into the Explore page, reflecting our commitment to helping you discover new characters and stories.

ğŸž Report Bug Feature

Encounter a glitch? The new "Report Bug" button in every chat lets you quickly report issues. Our system will deploy an automated fix and flag the issue for review, all while ensuring the privacy of your chat messages.

These updates are just the beginning. We're constantly working to improve your experience and can't wait for you to try out these new features!