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March 20, 2024
GPU Cluster Health
Get visibility into the health status of the GPU clusters powering your membership tier's AI companions

We've pushed an update to the site that conducts regular health checks on the GPU clusters attributed to your membership tier, and makes the results of these health checks visible to users through health status indicators.

These indicators can be found throughout Erogen chatting interfaces and will give you visibility into the status of the GPU clusters that power the large language model inference technology that generates the text of your AI companions.

There are three health status modes, from healthiest to unhealthiest:

  • Healthy

  • Degraded

  • Unhealthy

Hover over the "Health" indicator in the desktop site, or click the circular character avatar in the top navbar of the mobile site, to see the full health status of your AI chatbots for your membership tier.

While higher tier clusters benefit from higher resources per user when compared to lower tier clusters, all clusters are subject to temporary degradation due to abnormal traffic patterns.