Getting your AI onto the Explore page
Getting your AI onto the Explore page
June 5, 2024

Erogen takes the mission of safeguarding our community from illegal and unethical content extremely seriously, and our Explore page (which is what you see when you visit the Erogen home page) algorithm is set to feature only the highest quality characters that adhere to all Community Guidelines.

To improve your chances of your character being featured on the Explore page, we recommend adhering to the following guidelines for your character creations:

Avatar Guidelines

  • - High quality avatar image that adheres to all guidelines

  • - Character's default avatar is SFW, with any NSFW avatars showing up behind the default avatar through scenario-driven storytelling

  • - All avatars have brief descriptions (which enables the auto-avatar feature, allowing the character to switch their avatar by themselves throughout roleplay through the use of artificial intelligence)

  • - Accurate NSFW labeling

  • - Accurate avatar style labeling

Character Description Guidelines

  • - Detailed character description that isn't too long or short that adheres to all guidelines

  • - Accurate NSFW labeling

  • - Accurate gender and sexual orientation labeling

Chat Scenario Guidelines

  • - Good spelling and grammar is essential in the Chat Scenario and First Message, as those are elements that are shown to your AI's end user and prominently influence the chat messages that follow

  • - For optimal roleplay, we recommend limiting your Erogen character to one individual - don't try to cram multiple individuals into one Erogen character as the chat system is not designed for that. It might work sometimes, but it won't be ideal, and it's best to treat each Erogen character as a window to interact with one individual. (In the future, we'll add chat rooms for multiple characters to interact)

Community Guidelines

  • - Carefully review the Community Guidelines and ensure that your character is well clear and above board across all content rules

A note on Erogen AI Character Contests Submissions:

These rules heavily influence whether your AI Character Contest submissions on the Erogen website can be considered for visibility to end users and eligibility regarding contest voting, so definitely be sure to adhere to the rules above to maximize your chance of success!