Holiday Character Contest
Ended on December 31, 2023
☃️ Official Contest Results! 🎁
Ladies and gentlemen, the results of our first Character Contest are in!
The winners of the story and sexy contests are the same, so we will look at the top six entries across both contests for our final winners. See announcement for information on prizes and voting categories.
🧮 Scoring Methodology
How did we calculate winners? In each category (see announcement), the Erogen system ranked each contest entry's performance out of all the holiday entries and awarded them points based on their ranking. For example, if there were 100 contest entries, the entry with the highest chat message count would be awarded 100 points for the chat message count category. Second place would be awarded 99, etc. Then, we take the weighted average of all categories to get to the final contest score.
Let's go to the winners
In first place, winning one shiny, smooth, and fast month of platinum...
👑 Betty! 👑
Second Place - Three way (😏) tie! 🤯
(Each will win 1 month of platinum)
Third Place
Fourth Place
👑 Congratulations to the winners! 👑
A few contest observations:
Joy absolutely smashed the votes, taking first place in the story theme, story avatar, sexy appeal, and sexy avatar categories.
Lily, Joy, and Betty came in 1st, 2nd, and 4th in terms of unique user counts. (3rd was coffee commercial girl lol)
Chat message counts certainly played a large role in the competition rankings. We'll be experimenting with the contest rules to also weight large daily increases in chat message counts, instead of just absolute counts accumulated over the contest period. This should give entries that join later in the contest a higher chance of winning.
Thank you to everyone that participated in Erogen's inaugural 🎁 Holiday Character Contest! 🎄 It certainly made the holiday season so fun seeing all these creations come to life. As a one-time thank you for participating in our first character contest, all contest participants currently on the free tier will be upgraded to silver, and all contest participants currently on the silver plan will be upgraded to platinum, for 72 hours!

Voting is closed
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Voting will close at 0:00 UTC on January 5
  • 7:00 PM on January 4 (EST, USA)
  • 4:00 PM on January 4 (PST, USA)
  • 12:00 AM on January 5 (GMT, UK)
  • 1:00 AM on January 5 (CET, Central Europe)
  • 5:30 AM on January 5 (IST, India)
  • 11:00 AM on January 5 (AEST, Australia)
Time remaining: calculating...

Welcome to our inaugural Holiday Character Contest!
How to Participate: Create a character on Erogen, and simply add the tag #HolidayCheer to enter!
📚 STORY CONTEST: Show off your storytelling talent! Judged on:
  • 🎄 Theme
  • 🌈 Creativity
  • 🎨 Character Art
  • 🌍 Unique Visitors
  • 💬 Message Count
🔥 SEXY CONTEST: Unleash your erotic creativity! Judged on:
  • 🎄 Theme
  • 💋 Sex / Kink Appeal
  • 😘 Character Art
  • 🌍 Unique Visitors
  • 💬 Message Count
🗳️ Voting Process: Voting will happen via the website. We'll announce the start and end of voting on the website and in our Discord. Account holders will be able to vote for two picks in each category.
🥇 First Place: Bag one whole month of 💎 Platinum Tier Membership 💎
🥈🥈 Two Runner-Ups: Score a month of 🔹 Silver Tier Membership 🔹
🎁 Each contest bracket will crown three winners, for a total of six prizes up for grabs! Each character will be entered in both contests but can only win one prize. Creators can enter multiple characters and win multiple prizes!
🔔🥂 Dive in, get creative, and let's make this a holiday to remember in our amazing community!!! 🎇🌟
Sharing your character is allowed but don't spam or manipulate character message statistics. You may only vote on one account. Violations will result in removal from all contests and may affect your Erogen account's standing.
Erogen reserves the right to change the rules of the competition at any time. Erogen does not assign monetary value to competition credits and makes no guarantees.